The oil made on the Marruchetone farm is the result of a well-balanced blend of the Frantoiano, Moraiolo and Leccino varieties of olive grown there.
The olives are picked at just the right moment, analysing the level of ripeness of each cultivar by means of specific laboratory tests and the pressing of small quantities. Within 6 hours of picking the olives are taken to the farm's olive-press surrounded by olive groves. The olives are crushed by means of a system of hammers which prepares the paste for the horizontal kneaders. Here the oil is "cold" extracted (24-25°C) to preserve the flavour, aroma and presence of polyphenols and tocopherols. Subsequently the oil is extracted from the paste and separated from the water by means of a double centrifuge before being stored in stainless steel tanks in optimal light and temperature conditions.

Chemical characteristics: the oil belongs to a category of extra virgin olive oils which keep well over time. Indicative pressing values of the product are given below:
-Total acidity (Oleic acid): 0.10-0.20% -Number of Peroxides: 3-4 meq/kg

Olfactory characteristics:the aromatic notes express medium-high notes of intensity, balanced, with herbaceous, fruity and green leaf sensations.

Taste characteristics: in the mouth the organoleptic sensations are confirmed by the complexity of the artichoke, vegetable and fruity elements. The spicy after-taste has a bitter hint and lends balance as well as a medium to long-lasting aromatic persistence.